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The first run was a complete success. Of the 148 participants, 70 registered for the final exam and took part successfully. For the next run we have revised MasterclassICM. Among other things, it is now even more interactive thanks to various new videos and more intuitive patient curves.

The Saarland University Hospital will be offering the Masterclass Intensive Care Medicine for international students again in April 2023. This elective is offered to participants who require credit points in their medical studies.

The amount of credit points (ECTS) is 2. You can apply for the Masterclass: Intensive Care Medicine to your faculty via bulletin board or circular.

We appreciate your support!

The participation in Masterclass Intensive Care Medicine is free for you and your students. Any costs incurred will be borne by the Saarland University.

Students can register directly on this website.

After the registration period has expired, we will send you the list of participants for the Masterclass: Intensive Care Medicine.

For future events, we would like to link you and your university as a cooperation partner on our website.

PD Dr. med Tobias Hüppe, D.E.S.A., E.D.I.C.

Tobias Hüppe is the teaching officer at the Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy at the Saarland University Medical Center Germany.

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If you need any further information or materials to promote MasterclassICM on your university website, please do not hesitate to contact us.