Frequently Asked Questions

When is the seminar scheduled and how much time does it take? 

The course is planned for April to June 2023 every Thuseday and Thursday. The course takes place 15 different days, each lasting up to 2 hours. 

What level of English is necessary to enrol the course?

The European Framework of Reference Level B2 is suggested as the language level.

What is the procedure for our students to register for the seminar?

Students can obtain information and register on our website

How many credit points will be awarded for the course?

The university is likely to award 2 credit points for Masterclass Intensive Care Medicine. 

What are the advantages of the course for students?

The course takes place entirely online. All content can also be accessed digitally later and used for exam preparation. A broad and practical knowledge of intensive care medicine is imparted. 

What is the format auf student planned partipipation?

The course will take place entirely online on Zoom. In addition the internal area on our website will be the basis of the course, on which all necessary technical and organizational content is mapped. There will be numerous live lectures with a lot of practical content, in which students are taught content, e.g. in a live visit. The course lives from practical elements (bronchoscopy, intubation, chest drainage, ECMO cannulation) which are explained to the students in live demonstrations.

Which student can take part?

The course is planned for students in the second phase of their studies.

What if I can’t attend an appointment? 

A missed date is possible. 

What if you fail the final exam? 

A re-examination in the same format is possible if the examination is not passed. 

 How is the performance checked in the course? 

At the end of the course there is an online exam in which intensive care topics are checked using clinical case studies.