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Luxembourg Air Rescue A.s.b.l.


“The purpose of this award is to identify, acknowledge and recognize innovative teaching practices and to provide opportunities not only for sharing and exchanging best examples, but also to encourage cooperation between the Higher Education Institutions of the Transform4Europe alliance.”

Transform4Europe Alliance 2022

“Masterclass: Intensive Care Medicine” is offered synchronously as an interactive live event. The 15 seminars are given by fifteen internationally experienced intensivists[…]. The course includes clinical case scenarios, ventilator curves and biochemistry, blended learning with a video-based visit to the intensive care unit, principles and content of evidence-based critical care medicine and an online final exam. Live demonstrations of intensive care interventions […] are intended to convey the practical elements of intensive care medicine.” 

Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy 
Tobias Hüppe and Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy from Saarland University, Germany